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We all know that sport has benefits, but there are even more benefits for those with haemophilia – so we’ve created Factor Fitness just for you – to provide you with useful information about sport, staying active and haemophilia!


Keeping active, what sport is best for you.


Football is an aerobic, skilful and popular sport. Players spend some of their time sprinting and other times running fast or slowly, so a game can be an excellent cardiovascular workout.


Swimming is one of the few ways of getting exercise that improves your all-round fitness because it can boost strength, stamina and flexibility all at the same time.


Cycling is highly recommended for people with haemophilia because it enables you to develop muscle strength in your legs without putting weight-bearing stress on your joints.

is here to help and keep you informed.

As well as advice on sport and staying active we’ll provide you with the latest tips on how to manage joint pain, damage and surgery

Finding the right exercise

Managing Joint Pain

The benefits of sports, which sports you should do and why.

FactorFitness has all the information you need




Exercise Bands

Please ensure that you get advice from the medical professionals at your Haemophilia Centre before taking part in any sport

All information given on this website is for information and educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for speaking to your Haemophilia Centre. Bayer strongly urges you to consult with your Haemophilia Centre for advice and treatment appropriate to your condition